The Calendar widget is a JavaScript-based calendar that can be embedded within a page.

The whole list of configuration parameters is available in CalendarCfg bean.

Using default date

Calendar labels can be customized in a variety of ways according to the requirement, This can be achieved by using property dateLabelFormat and dayOfWeekLabelFormat.

Some date patterns are defined at application level :

shortFormat, longFormat, mediumFormat and fullFormat. Default values for these patterns are :

  • shortFormat: "d/M/y"
  • mediumFormat: "d MMM y"
  • longFormat: "d MMMM yyyy"
  • fullFormat: "EEEE d MMMM yyyy"

These patterns can be accessed through eg:aria.core.AppEnvironment.getDateFormats().shortFormat. Supported patterns are similar to:

Useful Keyboard shortcuts

  • Arrow Left: change the selection to the previous day
  • Arrow Right: change the selection to the next day
  • Arrow Up: change the selection to the same day in the previous week
  • Arrow Down: change the selection to the same day in the next week



Calendar can accept custom template thanks to property defaultTemplate, where user can implement there own template. Here is a customized version showing days vertically. Both calendars are bound to each other, so that selecting a day or navigating inside one calendar changes the other.